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Annual Profections – A Basic Time-Lord Technique

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Project „Practising Traditional Astrologers“

Project for a new series for the channel – – with practising Traditional Astrologers (without the outer planets).

The aim is, to provide insights into the practise of delineation of Traditional Astrologers today, comparable to S. Belle’s notebooks – An Astrologer at Work in Late Medieval France: The Notebooks of S. Belle –

Instead of a notebook – the idea is a delination-video per episode by the Astrologer, where the chart is completely delineated according to the tradition used.

The amount of time might be in the neighbourhood of 180 minutes per video.

We are looking to find English-speaking partners for this project.


Volker H. Schendel – Ministerialrat i.R.  – Freier Wissenschaftsjournalist – An der Bismarckschule 16 – D – 30173 Hannover – Tel.:  0511 640 9 136 –

72 – Dr. Helena Avelar’s ‚An Astrologer at Work‘ – Dissertation

ad Astra – Helena Avelar’s ‚An Astrologer at Work‘ –

Talk with Dr. Helena Avelar (1964 – 2021) –

Dr. Helena Avelar de Carvalho – Traditionelle Astrologie –

Dr. Luis Ribeiro – Historical research Astrological Techniques –

The Life and Work of Astrologer Helena Avelar – – – The Life and Work of Astrologer Helena Avelar – –


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On the Heavenly Spheres – Lehrbuch der Traditionellen Astrologie

Dr. Luis Ribeiro – Historical research Astrological Techniques

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61 – Dr. Christoph Schubert-Weller – Philosoph und Astrologe

12 – Astrologische Plauderei

18 – Astrologische Plauderei

14 – Astrologische Plauderei

Dr. Christoph Schubert-Weller – Philosoph und Astrologe – Astrologische Plauderei – Teil 1 –

AP 2 – Dr. Christoph Schubert-Weller – Astrologische Plauderei – Teil 2 –

AP 3 – Dr. Christoph Schubert-Weller – Astrologische Plauderei – Teil 3 –

AP 4 – Schubert-Weller – Teil 4 – Saturn Pluto – Jupiter Saturn –

Goethe mal anders – eine hermeneutische Aporie –

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DEMETRA GEORGE Talks Astrology (Asteroids, Hellenistic Astrology, and Beyond!) –

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Astrological Magic

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The Lots in Traditional Astrology

Chair of APAI – Sharon KNIGHT

Grundlagen der Klassischen Astrologie

The lots of Vettius Valens in Medieval Astrology and the consequences for 21st century Astrology –

Series on Hellenistic Astrology

Traditionelle / Hellenistische Astrologie der Griechen und Römer/Sumerer –

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Die Astrologie bei Ralph Woesner

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The Tradition Library –

Secret History of Western Esotericism – SHWEP

Episode 56: The First Western Esotericist: Philo of Alexandria –

Episode 42: Chris Brennan on Hellenistic Astrology –

Episode 89: The Astrology of Vettius Valens –